• Palletised Items Freight

General Freight For All Palletised Items

We specialise in the transport of general palletised freight. We can assist you at local, country and interstate levels. Our team are highly reliable and have a plethora of experience across the transportation industry.

Pallets are the most efficient and effective way to move most types of bulk products, whether moving goods locally or interstate.

Pallet dimensions are usually 116cm long by 116cm wide, so they are square. In most cases the preferred height for a pallet is 1.8m. Some trailers are capable of taking pallets up to 2.4m high, but not all. There is also increased risk of the products on the pallet falling or collapsing during transport if they are too high.

Generally, when freight is stacked on to pallets, it will be shrink-wrapped for protection, and to keep the freight from moving off the pallet during transport.

Most pallet freight in Australia is transported by Tautliner trailers. The sides of a Tautliner trailer are kept secure, so freight is protected from weather, and kept stable using gates and straps. There are various sizes of Tautliner trailers, ranging from ones that can transport 2 to 16 pallets, up to those that can carry 34 pallets.

At Best Freight Services, we’ll carry and deliver your palletised products with a commitment to service excellence. We work with both wood and plastic pallets