• Safety Policy

Safety Policy

Our Safety Objectives:

“Target Zero” is the Best Freight Services Pty Ltd’s Safety philosophy.

We are accountable for our Safety performance across our Transport & Logistics, Warehousing and Building Logistics Management divisions. We drive safe behaviours from the top down, fostering a strong “Safety Culture” in which our people value workplace safety above all else.

Our objective is to deliver:

Zero unsafe workplaces , Zero unsafe work practices & Zero injuries

Our Commitment:

The principles that drive Our TARGET ZERO Safety Policy are:

  • Value of human life above all else and managing risks accordingly
  • Identification, assessment and control of safety risks for our workplaces
  • Safety is an agenda item at every scheduled Management meeting
  • Drive safety culture though open and continuous communications
  • Set targets, develop, implement, and maintain safety standards and systems
  • Comply with all legal requirements and set higher standards for ourselves and our suppliers where unacceptable risks are identified
  • Ensuring our Managers are responsible and accountable for safety
  • Consulting with our people to develop solutions that mitigate or eliminate risk
  • Regular monitoring of progress in our objectives

Our Goal:

To provide safe work for all employees so that everyone returns home fit and well each day.

To be an employer of choice, known for a strong Health & Safety commitment and an industry leader in safety adherence and management.