• Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Objectives:

Target Green” is the Best Freight Services Pty Ltd’s Environmental philosophy. It is as follows:


“Target Green” is driven by our Management Team & passed onto all employees and clients throughout our business, promoting a “Green Culture” and a genuine awareness to environmental sustainability.

Our Environmental Aim:

  • “Target Green” – Zero Environmental incidents
  • Reduce our carbon footprint by minimising consumption
  • Increase awareness through training & monitoring

Our Commitment:

The principles that drive our “Target Green” Environmental Policy are:

  • Comply with all legislation & laws
  • Identify, assess and control environmental risk for workplace
  • Constantly strive to instil ‘Green Culture’ amongst employees
  • Consult with our people & clients in developing environmental solutions
  • Regular monitoring of progress on our Aims & Targets

Our Target

  • To comply with all legislative requirements relating to the protection of our environment
  • To develop a ‘Green Culture’ in our people, clients and society.
  • To seek out initiatives which actively reduce the effects of our operations on the Environment